Our Partners

Pro Vision Track Days work with a number of exclusive partners in order to deliver a full service track day experience. You can find more details of these specific providers, and their respective services on this page.

Track Bike Hire

Why is it worth to ride on a hire bike?

Beginner track day riders often worry about their road bikes. A potential incident is not just horrible to witness, but can also cause a severe headache later, when you receive the bill in the garage after repair.
Not to mention those who can’t just put their bikes in a van or on a trailer to go to the track. As we all know, an adrenaline-filled track day can wear you out completely, so why would you risk a ride home after a track day?
It is also worth to prepare for the changing weather. Don’t give up on a track day just because the rain is starting to fall. We provide you with professional rain tyres for the bikes, to prevent you from cancelling an exciting day from your calendar.

What we provide

– Motorbikes maintained constantly, to the highest standard.
– Bikes prepared specifically for track riding, including special racing tires, upgraded brakes and tuned suspension set.
– Safety check with the costumer before every track days.
– Setting the ideal tyre pressure and fitting tyre warmers after each sessions.
– Race spec wet tyres in case of raining.
– Fuel for the whole day.
– No hidden costs, or extra charges for tyre wear at the end of the day.

For more information, visit  majortrackbikehire.co.uk


Tyres 4 Bikes

Tyres 4 Bikes has been providing trackside support services since 2010 and has established itself at the forefront of the trackday market. Our experience, knowledge and friendly attitude means we are always on hand to provide the riders with the best possible support. As the UK's premier Continental motorcycle dealer, Tyres 4 Bikes is perfectly placed to offer excellent quality tyres at the best prices with the right tyre for the right application. Bridgestone also confirmed us as one of their premier dealers in early 2017 and this helps us extend better deals to the end user. As a main tyre dealer, we can provide you with any make or model of tyre, please call for the best prices and options.

Our suspension set up service is second to none and we have worked on over 1,000 bikes with excellent results in each case. The suspension set up service is fully bespoke and we work with each individual rider to give them the handling they want from their own bike. We listen to what you say, carry out a full set of measurements and adjust the forks and rear shock to suit you. On trackdays, we will work with you all day long (for one fixed fee) to ensure your day is perfect and your bike is doing exactly what you want. In addition to the trackside service, Tyres 4 Bikes has a purpose built suspension workshop, where we carry out upgrades, servicing, repairs and alterations. As K-Tech approved dealers, we provide the very best quality parts and internals if needed. However, we look at each individual bike and advise accordingly. Sometimes, a simple service and oil change is enough to make the suspension work perfectly again.

You can pre-order tyres by calling or emailing us and we will always do our best to give you the best prices we can. Tyres 4 Bikes can be contacted by phone on 01775 840254 or 07923 522304 or via email at tyres4bikes@gmail.com

For more info visit: www.tyres4bikes.co.uk

Motorsport Vision (MSV)

Our track day circuit provider is Motorsport Vision, who own and operate all of the circuits we conduct our Pro Vision Track Days on. MSV are an established and respected authority in track day motorsports, and the circuits in their portfolio are among the most diverse, unique and renowned in Europe. So we're especially proud to be working with them to exclusively deliver our novice and intermediate track day experiences on what are arguably the most exciting circuits across the UK.

More info on MSV can be found at: www.motorsportvision.co.uk

Raceline Images

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View his images on: www.racelineimages.co.uk