Our Track Days

We pride ourselves on being a full service track day provider, so the only thing you have to do is turn up on the day and ride.

We ask you at the time of booking to elect which skill group you're best suited to, as only you can judge your own confidence and experience levels. However, as a general rule of thumb:

Novice - This group is for entry-level bike riders and/or those who have little or no prior track day experience.

Intermediate - Our intermediate group is for slightly more experienced riders, and/or those who have participated in a circuit track day previously as a novice or intermediate rider.

Fast/Advanced - For track day regulars and the racers


On the day of the event

Each group will take to the circuit in 30-minute sessions. Once on the track we operate an open pit lane policy so if you need to pull into the pits to make mechanical changes, to seek any advice or guidance, or for any other reason, there will be ample opportunity to do so within your allocated session. 

Participating riders will be required to sign on when arriving at the circuit with one of our team. This will include a safety waiver to confirm full understanding of the potential risks involved, and willingness to proceed with the track day experience. You'll then need to have your bike noise tested to ensure compliance with the noise restriction levels at the circuit (see our individual circuit pages for more details).

Before setting off our instructors will also perform a quick safety briefing which all riders must attend to be permitted to take part in the track day. You'll then have full use of the circuit for the duration of your groups' allotted 30-minute sessions throughout the day. Including all accessible pit areas.

Our team of instructors will also be standing by should you need any advice or assistance. Plus free tea and coffee facilities will also be available for riders' exclusive use between sessions.

Track Day Rider Requirements

To comply with safety standards and circuit rules we require all riders to carry a full UK motorcycle licence or valid ACU motorcycle licence, which you will need to bring with you and present on the day. Failure to provide a licence when asked will automatically forfeit your participation in the track day. So please, whatever you do, remember to check you have your licence with you before leaving home!

Additionally riders will need to have the following to gain access to the circuits:

  • A motorbike (either your own or one rented in advance from our track day partner)
  • A full one-piece motorbike leathers / or two-piece leathers that zip all the way round
  • A full-face ACU gold stamped motorcycle helmet
  • Leather motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle boots

Unfortunately no refunds can be issued for riders who show up without proof of licence, or without the required equipment as outlined above, so please contact us in advance if you have any concerns or questions.

If this is your first time taking part in a track day experience, or your first session with Pro Vision Track Days, we also recommend you familiarise yourself with our FAQs page which also contains important information about our track day etiquette and terms.